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Wish I was sitting on that chair right now, instead everyday is a struggle constant worrying about bills to pay, how pay it. Why can’t keep things go my way for once? just when I think we’re catching up something bring us down. I think we struggled in these last few years more than we deserve or anybody deserves. Praying doesn’t seem to help. I’m at a job that I love, with a company that doesn’t care about their employees.

It’s been awhile…

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Well it’s been a crazy week. My daughter had her junior prom and she looked great.


The problem is I saw pictures of myself that I won’t post here cause I’m so ashamed of myself. I LET MYSELF GO! I feel like a cow standing next to my daughter and I HATE it. I used to be what they called a MILF, I’m ashamed…I need to do something about it and no matter how much I hate how I feel and look I feel hopeless. Sad. Depressed. I want to be in front of the camera again and not hiding behind it. My daughter graduates next year and I’m scared to death. My ex and his family would be coming and don’t want them to see new like this. I gained 40 pounds since moving from Hawaii to NC. I need to get back to where I was.

Tenderstem Broccoli, Sundried Tomato and Walnut Salad

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This looks so good!

IMG_1297I am all about dark, green, leafy vegetables these days.  I want to somehow always try to incorporate them into my day and if I can at every single meal!  This salad came to me as I was staring at my broccoli in the fridge wondering what I would do with it rather than the same ol’ boring steaming and without having to make a dressing as well.  I wanted something quick for lunch but then realised that this recipe makes a great side salad for supper too!

IMG_1279But seriously, where do I even begin with the health benefits of eating broccoli.  There are SO many!  So, I’ll hone in on a few to truly convince you that broccoli truly is a SUPERFOOD! Broccoli contains a high amount of potassium, which helps maintain a healthy nervous system and optimal brain function, as well as promotes regular muscle growth.  Along with a…

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Gonna try doing this! Fresh pasta! Yum!


Supple and full, biting into fresh pasta is like biting into a bottom lip. Sold? Yes, it’s a bit of an effort, but pressing palms into soft dough as you push and extend is an addictive release.

This is how we like to do it.


Makes 6 to 8 servings

Note: You can use equal parts semolina and all-purpose flour in this recipe.

2 ½ cups all-purpose flour, plus additional for work surface and adjustment

5 large eggs, at room temperature


Extra-virgin olive oil

On a clean, dry work surface, combine the flour and 1 teaspoon salt. Form the flour into a hill, then create a well in its center. Add the eggs and a drizzle of oil to the well and begin vigorously stirring them, breaking the yolks and mixing them with the whites.

With the fork, quickly and steadily begin pulling the flour into the eggs…

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The Eyes Have it…

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The eyes have it. Every living thing pretty much has two of them. Gray, green, blue, hazel and my brown boring eyes. I always loved the color green and in a couple weeks I will have them. I’ve heard about corneal transplants…HELL NO! I’m not that crazy. I’ve had color contacts in the past when I was younger before kids…in my partying and clubbing days. Popping those green contacts or even blue sometime and party the night away, pretending to be somebody else…someone with different eyes prettier eyes. I’m not disrespecting the brown eyed people out there, my whole family has them my kids, everyone. I’m not satisfied with a lot of things, my body that’s why I’m on a diet that’s why I’m getting color contacts. I’m always been very cautious on everything that I buy. Of course I did the research on the different brands, colors, and of course I want them to look as natural as possible.I found a brand called Desio out of Rome,Italy the colors are beautiful and it has awesome reviews and free shipping. The cost is pretty good too only 39 euros which equals 52 Us dollars, depending on if you have a prescription or not which I do. My total came out to $116 and that’s two boxes since my eyes are different prescriptions and they do it by pairs which is pretty good according to what my own eye doctor for one box of contacts would cost me $90. I ordered the color green forest  and in about 2 weeks I be sporting green eyes. don’t worry I’ll be posting pics. Go to to check them out. XOXO

Inexplicably Popular Flappy Bird Game Will Soon Cease to Exist

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Too bad, my kids are addicted


UPDATED: Feb.8, 3:52 p.m.

If you’re a Flappy Bird player, we have some bad news for you. Are you sitting down? You might want to sit down for this. The wildly popular and notoriously difficult free mobile game has been removed from the app store. Though for now, people who’ve already downloaded it can still play.

Flappy Bird’s Vietnamese creator, Dong Nguyen, announced Saturday on Twitter that he’d be taking the game—currently the most popular for both Android and Apple—down for good:

Dong didn’t add much further explanation, but he did clarify that the decision is not related to legal issues. “I just cannot keep it anymore,” he said.

(MORE: Popular Flappy Bird Game Mysteriously Deleted)

Millions—yes, literally millions—of Flappy Bird fans will be disappointed when the game goes dark, but don't feel too bad if you've never heard of it. The game has flown relatively under the radar compared to…

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Zombies Emerge from New York Sidewalk Grates to Promote The Walking Dead

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Love it!


New Yorkers can’t catch a break. First a “devil baby” in a remote-controlled stroller terrorized residents to promote the horror flick Devil’s Due last month. Now, The Walking Dead has hired actors dressed like zombies to promote the hit AMC thriller. In this video of the prank, watch their “bloodied” fingers and arms creep out of the sidewalk grates and startle passersby. New episodes of the show start Sunday, Feb. 9 — at least for the people who made it past the zombies alive.

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