Inexplicably Popular Flappy Bird Game Will Soon Cease to Exist

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Too bad, my kids are addicted


UPDATED: Feb.8, 3:52 p.m.

If you’re a Flappy Bird player, we have some bad news for you. Are you sitting down? You might want to sit down for this. The wildly popular and notoriously difficult free mobile game has been removed from the app store. Though for now, people who’ve already downloaded it can still play.

Flappy Bird’s Vietnamese creator, Dong Nguyen, announced Saturday on Twitter that he’d be taking the game—currently the most popular for both Android and Apple—down for good:

Dong didn’t add much further explanation, but he did clarify that the decision is not related to legal issues. “I just cannot keep it anymore,” he said.

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Millions—yes, literally millions—of Flappy Bird fans will be disappointed when the game goes dark, but don't feel too bad if you've never heard of it. The game has flown relatively under the radar compared to…

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