The Eyes Have it…

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The eyes have it. Every living thing pretty much has two of them. Gray, green, blue, hazel and my brown boring eyes. I always loved the color green and in a couple weeks I will have them. I’ve heard about corneal transplants…HELL NO! I’m not that crazy. I’ve had color contacts in the past when I was younger before kids…in my partying and clubbing days. Popping those green contacts or even blue sometime and party the night away, pretending to be somebody else…someone with different eyes prettier eyes. I’m not disrespecting the brown eyed people out there, my whole family has them my kids, everyone. I’m not satisfied with a lot of things, my body that’s why I’m on a diet that’s why I’m getting color contacts. I’m always been very cautious on everything that I buy. Of course I did the research on the different brands, colors, and of course I want them to look as natural as possible.I found a brand called Desio out of Rome,Italy the colors are beautiful and it has awesome reviews and free shipping. The cost is pretty good too only 39 euros which equals 52 Us dollars, depending on if you have a prescription or not which I do. My total came out to $116 and that’s two boxes since my eyes are different prescriptions and they do it by pairs which is pretty good according to what my own eye doctor for one box of contacts would cost me $90. I ordered the color green forestĀ  and in about 2 weeks I be sporting green eyes. don’t worry I’ll be posting pics. Go to desiolense.com to check them out. XOXO